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Home contents insurance

Home contents insurance Local Information - 15:32 21/02/24


If you have moved into your own home, or are thinking about doing so, it may be worth considering taking out contents insurance. This is insurance that will protect the contents of your new home against things such as fire, water leaks and burglary. Should something like this occur, and it is covered by your policy, the insurer will then look at any claim you make and calculate how much they will pay towards replacing those items that have been affected.
What a policy covers, the excess (an amount that you pay towards any claim) and the finer details
depend on the insurer and the policy that you take out. There are often particular policies that are
tailored to social housing tenants, and for social housing tenants, it may be worth checking with the housing provider prior to ‘shopping around’ to make sure you know which policy will be the best value and best cover for what you require.

The following pages give a wealth of information of contents insurance for renters and are worth
reading through prior to making any decisions.
• Household contents insurance (An Overview from Citizens Advice)
• Do I need insurance when renting?
• What is contents insurance?
• Contents insurance – what does a good policy look like?

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