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Moving into your new home

Moving into your new home Local Information - 11:13 04/04/23


What you need to know before moving into your new property:

We have highlighted below the things you must consider when renting a property in the England, with further guidance on who to contact within the Harrogate District to set up payments.


If you are renting a room or in shared accommodation, your bills may be included within the amount you pay to your landlord.

You should always check this with your landlord before moving into the property. Your landlord should still issue you with a tenancy agreement.

Private accommodation – When you are the lead Tenant

When moving into your new home it is important to ensure you register and pay the following bills.

It is unusual (but not unlikely) that these costs are covered under your tenancy agreement, however you must check this with your landlord:

  • Rent
  • Council Tax
  • Water
  • Energy (Gas/Electricity)
  • TV License (if you watch TV in your home


Bill Guidance Contact Number
Rent Your landlord is required to issue you with a tenancy agreement which will outline your responsibilities as a tenant, the amount you are liable for and what the landlords commitment is to you as a tenant N/A
Council Tax You are liable to pay council tax on the property that you rent. As a Ukrainian Refugee you are entitled to 50% off your council tax

  • To register it is advised to speak to the council on the phone (when calling always select council tax, and then select other enquiries)
  • You can access the council via this link also Pay your council tax and view your account | North Yorkshire Council
  • You should indicate that you are a Ukrainian refugee and would like the 50% discount applied. The council may ask for further evidence (such as your passport) to be sent to apply this discount to your bill.
  • Please note: If you are a living on your own, the council will apply a further 25% discount to your council tax.
  • They will issue you a bill in the post to your new address, which outlines how you can pay your bill.
  • You may be eligible for further subsidies or discounts, if you come from a low-income household (on Universal Credit or Minimum Wage). When speaking to the council, ask if this is available and how to apply for this. This can be completed online, or they can issue a form via post.
0300 131 2 131
Energy Supplier Your landlord should give you details of your energy supplier; it is your responsibility to contact them with the details of your move in date.

  • Pre-payment meters – The property may have a pre-payment meter. On the day of your move in date (or before) your landlord should provide you with a pay meter key or card so that you can top up your heating and electricity.
  • Monthly Direct Debits – You will be required to take a meter reading on the day that you move in, this is to ensure that you are not charged for energy you have not used. Generally, landlords will collect this for you, but it is good practice to get this reading. Your landlord should show you where the meters are in the property before or on your move in date. You will be required to contact the energy provider to set up a payment arrangement directly with them.
Water bill You will be required to pay for your water bill, this can be paid on a monthly basis or every 3 months (quarterly). The water supplier within the Harrogate area is Yorkshire Water. You can do this online, or by phone. We suggest calling them, as you may be eligible for a discount if you are in a low-income household (On universal credit or minimum wage)or you live alone. Further discount may also be applied if you have a health condition or disability.



0345 124 2424
TV License – If you watch live TV or download and stream from BBC iPlayer you will be required to purchase a TV license. If you do not watch live TV or you are over the age of 75 you will not be required to get one. Some exemptions/discounts can be applied to your TV license when signing up. You can complete this online or via phone.



0300 790 6096

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