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Opening a Bank Account

Opening a Bank Account National Information - 11:40 02/09/22

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Opening a bank account

Opening a UK bank or building society account if you are from Ukraine

If you are new to the UK from Ukraine, you may want to open a UK bank or building society account to manage your day-to-day money. You can receive regular payments into your account, such as wages, benefits, tax credits or pensions. You can also set up payments to come out of your account in whatever way you find convenient. This guide is here to help you understand how to apply for a bank account and what documents you will need to open one.

Banks and building societies will discuss their range of accounts with you to agree which is most suitable. Where a standard account would not be suitable, you may be able to open a basic bank account instead. A basic bank account doesn’t have any fees for standard use or use of an overdraft. Some banks and building societies let you apply directly for a basic bank account, and others only offer basic bank accounts to customers who are not eligible for their other accounts.

How do I open a UK bank or building society account?

There are a range of providers, and you can choose one that suits you best.

To open a bank or building society account, you’ll probably need to:

1. Make sure you have an email address set up in your name and a valid phone number, to help the bank or building society communicate with you.

2. Collect all your identification and visa documents.

To open a bank or building society account in the UK, you also need to show proof of ID. The quickest way to prove identification is likely to be with your passport and/or your Biometric Residence Permit (issued to you by the UK government). Some UK banks and building societies may ask for proof of address, though this is not required by law to open a bank account.

If you don’t have all the identification documents, take all the information you have with you to the bank or building society. Banks and building societies are encouraged to consider alternative ways to identify and verify their customers, and the government has been working closely with the sector to support access for incoming Ukrainian nationals who may not have standard documentation for identity verification.

3. Apply for an account either in person at a bank or building society branch (you may need to make an appointment), over the phone, online or via a bank’s mobile app. If going into a branch, you should take all relevant identification documents with you.

These are the names of just some of the account providers operating in the UK. You may want to open an account with other providers that are not listed here. The list is in alphabetical order and is not intended to be ranked by order of preference.

Money Helper provides a free comparison tool that lists all providers on its website.

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